The Impeccable Man Master Class
MATTHEW YEOMANS - Content Developer 

I experienced some RADICAL transformations and breakthroughs in my life from the Impeccable Man Master Class.  

If it wasn't for Deus and his teachings, his practical approach of merging spirituality and science; offering usable tools to equip men to experience breakthroughs in their lives, I wouldn't have been able to do this alone. 

In the last 2.5 - 3 years I've spent over $10,000 of my own money on personal development programs, courses and seminars, and after completing this program I have never felt this equipped - it's really the right word to use - I feel equipped to move through challenges in a new way. 
I am just so incredibly grateful. I'm grateful for the breakthroughs I've had, for the practical teachings in this program and how Deus has applied them. He is an absolute wealth of knowledge.

I've spent so much money in the past few years to learn more about and better myself and I've always taken away something but haven't always felt so equipped to apply that knowledge and wisdom into my life. 

I fully committed to surrender all of my previous knowings, practices and approaches to spirituality, personal development, business, and life to this program for 6-weeks in order to give it a real, honest shot, and Deus was right there. He met me where I was at in a way that I haven't felt before.  

One of the things that I've found in my journey of finding different mentors is that oftentimes they position themselves so far ahead.

For example, when I go see Tony Robbins, he seems light-years ahead of me in so many ways that it's hard for me to grasp on to his processes and practices when I'm home; when I'm by myself, when I'm alone with me. Sure, I can grab them when I'm at the seminars and can see and feel it all around me, but when I'm back home in my default area it's a very different experience.  

Deus has an incredible ability to meet people where they are at. He met me where I was at.
I felt heard, I felt honored, I felt seen. Because of that I was truly able to receive the wisdom and be motivated to apply the processes and tools he was teaching. 

I still felt opposition and resistance; fear, self-doubt, crippling fear of rejection, but I was able to calm those through his processes and move through the fear, applying everything he taught us. 

- I had breakthroughs around lack and abundance: I came into more wealth than I've ever had in my life and if it wasn't for me surrendering to this program I wouldn't have been able to receive what was being offered to me. 

- I had breakthroughs around Self-Care: I honor myself so much now. 

- I had breakthroughs around being able to feel what's in my body and use that wisdom to guide how I can move through hidden blockages in my life. 

There is so much wisdom Deus has packed into this program. It's shocking. I know that the few gold nuggets I've taken away have applied deeply into my life and offered me a true transformation and I'm excited to go through this program again to soak up even more!

It's like a good book; you just have to keep reading it. 

If you are looking at this program I am truly excited for you. 

I knew Deus was at the next step for me, holding his hand out and making it reachable.
He wasn't standing on top of the mountain saying "come meet me here". 
He came down the mountain, offered his hand, and said: "come with me, let's do this together. I'll show you how to do it." 

And that's what made the difference for me.


Before coming into the Impeccable Man Master Class I really felt like I was up in my head quite a bit; living my life logically, trying to be as rational as possible, but I was missing out on deep connection and deep purpose.

My intention coming into this program was to deepen where I was living from; to deepen my perspective, and right off the bat we got some processes and exercises that gave me more progress for deepening my perspective and being than I'd had in years - just after a few days. 
The Impeccable Man Master class wast he first time I've ever sat down every day and go through a structured, regimented, and very well guided form of personal development.
I always used to just fly by the seat of my pants; working on whatever I felt like working on that day. 

Of course there's beauty in that; following your own intuition about what you need, there's really no intelligence better than that, but being able to follow a teacher who has more experience with personal and spiritual growth than me made a huge difference. 

Committing to this program proved to me that I care a lot about my own growth, my own development. That coupled with the core practices really helped me fill up my cup for the entire duration of the Master Class.

My purpose is much clearer, I have far more confidence in my own vision, and I've had deeper connections with women than I'd in a very long time; very intimate, loving, compassionate, clear, healthy relationships. 

I'm so grateful to Deus and his willingness to just push; to listen to us and be there for us. 

The community is fantastic too. They are all just so willing to prioritize their own betterment; their spiritual and personal development. They are a very humble group of guys - good, smart, supportive, funny men. 

I hope I can play a significant role in helping this program grow and connecting with other Impeccable Men.


I'm really grateful for everything the Impeccable Man Master Class was able to tie together for me.

I've been doing a lot of self-work over the last 5 years of my life: consistent meditation practice, plant medicine ceremonies, a bunch of intensive immersion retreats; closed-container experiences to really build and process emotion, and so I was very surprised at how much I got out of this 6-week program. 

Through the processes and tools that Deus provided I saw a lot of things shift for me; and not just shift but really click into place and held in a way that allowed me to really integrate the experiences and come out of it in a clearer place. 
Some tangibles from the 6-week Master Class:

I cried. That's been HUGE for me and something I've been calling in for a really long time. I was able to feel the sadness arising and let it come in enough that my body felt it was OK to let go of these waters of life and that was beautiful. I'm so grateful to have had that experience. 

The nature of the processes and tools that were given were the next step I needed. I feel I was already quite good at witnessing things as they arose. What this program did for me was ask: OK, now what?  

This program gave me the tools to DO something with it:  

"Ok, there are things arising. How do we get the most out of this experience? "
"How do we fully attend to this in a way that we can go into whatever un-integrated trauma that's bubbling up there? "
"How do we clear it? "
"How do we integrate it?"

I feel like I know how now, which is exciting because things start clearing and pieces start falling into place.

I can feel these dreams and visions; things I've been wanting to manifest for a long time; bigger purpose stuff like: "How am I going to change the world? How am I going to bring breathwork into the medical system?"

These big vision-board things I've done in the past that I haven't done any tangible things to achieve, I'm starting to see these little pieces start to shift and move and It's like "Oh my gosh... this is possible! This could actually happen! These dreams could actually be realized!"  

I am living my truth.  

There's still resistance; there's always going to be resistance, but each step I've taken on this path and each process I've dove into in this program has just been so rewarding.  

I'm excited and a little scared, but I see it as an invitation to keep leaning into that edge and I'm excited to see what happens next.  

I couldn't recommend the Impeccable Man Master Class more. It's done a ton for me. I'm excited to see other men go through this process and what other visions start being manifested and created...  

We could have a wave of amazing self-realized men change this world and that is my prayer.  

This program has my highest recommendation.

PABLO OCHOA - Mechanical Engineer

As part of the Impeccable Man Master Class I was able to define some conscious intentions; days later they would begin to unfold in a magical but comprehensive way.

Having a clear set of activities along with the certainty that comes from being immersed in a guided, structured process was very powerful. This was key to overcome my fears.
By walking this path alone sometimes you wonder if you will actually get anywhere meaningful and through this program that anxiety was eased in me.

The outcome? A deep realization that my life is a beautiful process that I have the joy to witness.
This Master Class has given me the powerful realization that whatever comes out from deep in my core is not threatening my life but expanding it. This allows me to dive into and through discomfort.
Deus words have the capacity to sound like a song that transfer emotion without losing the capability to transport complex ideas. He has given me a clear guide on how to provide a safe container to heal others.

My heart bounced when I was receiving this lesson, as it allowed me to finally accept my vocation as a healer while also embracing the revolutionary idea of allowing others to hold me energetically so that I can receive their wonderful support on this journey. 

I feel like I've leveling up in a video game. I've learned how to integrate the complete power of the extremes of duality and the parts of myself I've explored will never look the same… it feels like I have access to powerful allies to help me navigate through life.

The frequency of the exercises allowed me to experience very different positive and negative qualities which is fucking beautiful because both parts of the experience were very useful for my transformative process.   
Through this program I have come to understand that we all have amazing power inside waiting to be release from our limiting belief systems .
I do not always share the more intricate parts of myself, because I am afraid that others won't be capable of understanding what I am saying or what I am feeling. Deus did exactly that.

Creative community processes like this are the next step to building a better future.

JAYDEN DOAN - Musician, Artist

My intention going into the Impeccable Man Master Class was to dive deeper into more subtle feelings and this course was very effective in helping me do that.

I was able to not only get in touch more with my own feelings and energies but now I'm also more able to translate that into other relationships through practices and more conscious communication. 

It's really been beneficial for me in my partnership and even just relationships with friends; helping me to dive deeper into those. 
The daily practices were a great way to start the day and got me more focused and present. I also love writing so it's always nice to have a reason, or excuse maybe, to dive deeper into that. 

The live coaching calls were always really comfortable and enjoyable. There was always really positive and useful information that came from those live calls.

Deus is an excellent facilitator; always able to provide useful information to help us get through whatever it was that we were being challenged by. 

I learned a lot about myself through this program, especially about my past traumas and core unconscious beliefs and how they translate into my present circumstances. I've learned how to navigate those more effectively and how to push through resistance and the struggles I face. 

I feel a lot more positive in the world now and that I am able to make a big impact on people in a positive way. 

The Impeccable Man Master Class is a great experience.
I recommend it to anybody who wants to be a better version of themselves.

JEREMY O'DRISCOLL - Actor, Artist 

Before completing this course I struggled dealing with my feelings.

As a man I've been taught that my feelings and emotions aren't valid and I shouldn't show them, especially in public. This means I wasn't given a blueprint for how to deal with them in private, or anywhere in fact...
I also struggled being present with other people. Oftentimes my mind would run on with worries or thoughts and I wouldn't be fully present enough to share, or fully receive what someone else was sharing.  

I didn't really know how to take care of myself... I knew how to be self-indulgent, but I didn't understand what Self-Care meant, or how much of a priority it should be.

I'm a person who is constantly looking to improve himself; to get the best out of himself, so the thing that drew me to this Master Class was the fact that it was 6-weeks of immersive practice, which was awesome. 

Every single day I was in contact with the content and the creator of the course which turned out to be invaluable. 

The practices have had a very profound effect on me, both in the moment itself or a day or two later in a really positive way. I could see and feel the benefits in real time, which was fantastic. 

So often I've read self-improvement books and it's all this crap like you have to wake up every morning and rub your head 3 times, jump around in a circle, say these magic words and 5 years later you'll have a yacht. 
That's not what the Impeccable Man Master Class is about.

This program is about every day working on yourself and seeing the results in real time, real measurements, and that's what is fantastic about it. 

Now I can honestly say that I'm a far better communicator, I'm far more present with people, I'm better able to deal with myself; I now have the understanding and the teachings to get the best out of myself on a consistent basis. 

I urge you to take this program. It's truly been invaluable in my life.


Deus serves up a profound mix of depth, magic and penetrating insight.

Hearing him share his lucid wisdom with such beauty and heart opens me to my core.  I’m left replenished in Source and activated in purpose. Give yourself a stunning boost by drinking in his delicious weavings of sight, sound and sacred word.

Deus is truly captivating; every intonation, every sentence moves through his being… you can see and feel it.

It appears as if he is driven by a force of life that cannot be assuaged. He is like a tidal wave of passion.

If you get the chance to behold him in action and or meet him in person, you will come to know the pleasure of creativity itself. 
DANA LYNNE ANDERSEN, M.A. / AWAKENING ARTS ACADEMY - Founding Director, Author, Teacher, Playwright, Multimedia Artist

Deus is enormously talented in multiple areas. His native abilities in dance, theater, writing, teaching, music and art allow him a wide range of expression.

Streaming through all the modalities he engages is a passionate quest for truth and authenticity, he delves for it, and he shares it. He doesn’t do anything on the surface, he goes for the depth.
Deus brings his sharp mind, big heart and high voltage energy to every project and creative endeavor. Throughout the Transformative Arts Program he was often the instigator of our best collaborations.

As a leader, he carries the torch of inspiration, and yet he is also the one to nourish and support. He moves with ease between holding the grand vision and attending to the small detail.  

As a facilitator, Deus can guide a powerful and poignant experience. He knows the territory and he has done the work. He stands in a deeply rooted presence, and with calm, steady patience he invites his students to let go of the shore.  

If you want to wake up to a life of far greater meaning and purpose - if you want to know who you really are, Deus is your guide. 

REV. SUSAN STAZIKER - B.A. P.G.C.E. B.W.Y., Satvik Energy Therapist, Ordained member of The Vale Ministry Teaching Faculty, Transformative Artist

As a teacher, Deus is passionate, committed and enthusiastic, bringing a caring and empathetic quality to his work. He has a rare ability to take his clients from deep meditation, to subtle expansion, to heartfelt expression whilst maintaining a gentle holding of a diverse group.

He is generous in the sharing of his skills, inspirational in the expression of his ideas and very perceptive and encouraging of those he works with. 

The authentic quality of his diverse offerings draws his clients to be enthralled, enthused and surprised; the result is an irresistible magnetism that leaves you wanting more. 

I feel incredibly privileged to have worked with Deus.
JENN FIELD / HALFMOON HAVEN - Owner & Operator, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master

Deus' embodied expression and ability to draw in an audience is palpable. 

He brings a balance of heart and mind, connected through the body and spirit, to offer creative inspiration in all that he focuses on. 

It is an honor and joy to call him an ally and friend and I would encourage anyone to explore the varied talents and skills of this fine human.

Being in creative space with Deus is a powerful experience.

His ability to be fully present to what is being expressed in the moment is phenomenal. He has a way of conveying to those he interacts with that he is truly and fully there to be witness to what is most true for you; your purest and least polished, real, raw, life experience, whatever that looks, moves or sounds like.

He humbly shows up as his purest unmasked self, both giving permission for you to so and honoring of your willingness to do so, and there is nothing more beautiful than when we can create environments wherein this kind of exchange and connection are possible.  
Deus is unwavering in his commitment to deep understanding and compassion, and approaches others and his work with great integrity, consideration and tact. 

These qualities combined with his ability to distill from a story or an expression the most precious and poignant parts helps guide people into deeper sharing, exploration and transformation.

Add to that Deus’ skills as an inspiring speaker, a great story teller and his playful, creative and passionate nature and you have an experience that will deeply move you.   
Deus is a facilitator who instills confidence and personal empowerment. You can trust that he’ll protect and honor the sanctuary of the space you have created together and the experiences you’ve shared. 

He is strong space holder, a powerful creator, an explorer always wanting to grow closer to truth and deeper in understanding, always curious, always engaged.

Deus has witnessed and journeyed alongside me in some of my most vulnerable and quirky, creative, and transformative moments. 

I am honored, and I am changed.  

SHAMINI NAIDU / JOYFUL ASPIRATIONS - Founder, Transformative Artist

Deus is completely authentic and inside-out in his approach to creative processes.

His ability as an artist to draw people into a soul-moving experience is powerful and unique.

I've worked with him in 1-on-1 and group settings and have been very impressed by his ability to draw forth the creative potential in a person though his strong presence, his depth of knowledge and deep understanding on various levels.

If you want to discover or re-cover your authenticity, or experience deeper wells of truth within yourself, I highly recommend Deus' workshops, programs, and creative offerings.

He has helped me gain a lot of clarity and deep insight into where I’m really trying to go and how to move forward in the highest way. 

Deus' energy, embodiment, and passion is immediately self-evident.

There is a warm and DEEP compassion in this man, and he has the ability to captivate and move people's perspectives and emotions in a gentle yet very profound way.
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