The New Masculine
Written by Deus Fortier on May. 24th 2019
Men have been taught how to behave. 

Generations of social conditioning have diluted most men’s capacity to feel & express emotions that are socially defined as “weak”, while venerating those feelings & expressions that are defined as “strong”.

This creates a “Male Emotional Funnel System” where any feelings that might threaten the status or safety of the man are ignored, denied, medicated, suppressed, or projected outwards as a way of preserving one’s sense of safety.

This devastating response to a denial or rejection of such a wide range of the human experience has catastrophic consequences on personal & professional relationships, and creates a profoundly sick society that subtly or overtly encourages destructive behavior patterns.


- First We Feel:
Sadness, confusion, gentleness, fear, alarm, annoyance, hurt, unsure, anxious, regretful, lonely, rejected, unhappy (threatening feelings)

- What We Do With Them:
Ignore, deny, medicate, suppress, or project (escape from threat)

- We Then Feel:
Uptight, frustrated, tense, irritable, depressed, isolated, empty (effect)

- We Then Show:
Anger (socially accepted masculine response)

- Which Is Converted To An Attitude Of:
Hostility & Rage (behavioral coping mechanism)

- Which Is Expressed Through Various Forms Of:
Violence (retaliation)


The consequence of this deeply rooted programmed response is a history of suppression, tyranny, and violence, largely directed towards archetypal feminine aspects of creation (women, earth, sex, emotions) which represent the DISCARDED aspects of the broken man.

This separation from core aspects of their being and the internal desperation and hopelessness it creates is the main reason for the shockingly high rates of addiction, suicide, depression, homelessness, and imprisonment in men.


To counteract this destructive cycle we need to stand up in brotherhood and begin empowering, venerating, celebrating the “feminine” qualities WITHIN men…

…to re-sensitize the innate feeling capacity of our emotional landscape and transmute it into a wellspring of WISDOM and POWER…

…to create solid, self-generated structures of safety so that we grant ourselves permission to express our vulnerable truths from a place of embodied empowerment rather than fear…

…to be able to stand in united sovereignty for a higher standard of relating by claiming service-full stewardship towards the well-being of ourselves, of each other, and of our planet.

Men, this is our work.

Deus Fortier

Deus Fortier helps men unleash their masculine power and emotional depth. He is an expert at activating latent human potential through online, group, and 1on1 coaching.
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