I Equip Men With The Systems, Science, And Skill-Sets Of Self-Mastery In 6-Weeks So They Can Live An Outrageously Satisfying Life.
As men we have been trained not to show weakness.

So we put on a show; desperately stuffing down our pain, anger, confusion & loneliness, we put on a mask to hide the vulnerabilities that might threaten our reputation, status, or safety.

This cripples us in life, leading to painful patterns of unhealthy relationships, addictions, avoidance, boredom, and burnout - so we suffer in silence, torn apart by the terrible ache of loneliness we feel.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Not anymore.

My brother, your uninhibited, authentic self is yearning to be unleashed; the deep wellspring of your emotional power tempered and guided by the incredible wisdom of your mind, leading to a life of real freedom and fulfillment that lasts.

Through the Impeccable Man Master Class - a comprehensive 6-week program - I teach men the systems, the science, and the skill-sets to dissolve the painful patterns of the past and create an outrageously satisfying life of deep relationships, emotional freedom, and uninhibited authentic expression as a modern man.

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"Working with Deus has been completely transformational.

Looking back at what has changed for me during this program, it sounds almost absurd:
I ended a lifelong anxiety around dating & partnership, learned how to surf depression and come out the other side stronger, and even got in touch with the emotional cause of a decades-old health problem and cured it.

This stuff reaches very deep.
I've gained a mastery of a level of subtlety I hadn't known existed before the program, and now I know what direction to keep going to repeat that experience of expanding mastery in previously unrecognized domains.

The Impeccable Man Master Class has taught me how to intentionally navigate my own soul.

…but maybe more usefully, if more verbose:
It gave me concrete tools for cultivating inner strengths that made gaining wisdom and emotional intelligence from all of my experiences an ongoing reliable inevitability."

Michael Smith, CFAR Co-Founder
What's The Measure Of A Man?
Let's be honest for a minute here.
There is something in your life that isn't working.
It hasn't been working for a long time.

In fact, no matter what you seem to do, you always end up defaulting back to the same old patterns and habits and relationship dynamics that are causing pain and struggle in your life.

If you are looking for genuine, lasting transformation in your life, the superficial surface-level systems of weekend warriors just flat out won't work. You need more than a high five and a vision board to overcome the daily struggles that come up in day-to-day life.

So how do we actually change?

Well, despite the complexity of the systems that make up who we are as humans, there are incredibly simple yet profound processes that target the core operating systems of consciousness itself.

This is Consciousness Architecture - a comprehensive system of self-mastery for the modern man that changes everything from the inside out.

Developed over 12 years of immersive study and practice in both ancient and modern methods of self-mastery, this comprehensive system dissolves the painful patterns of the past and equips a man with the precise tools and skills for navigating the complexities of our modern world.

Discover the toolkit, learn the skill-sets, master the mindsets, and become an Impeccable Man today.
"This Master Class has given me the powerful realization that whatever comes out from deep in my core is not threatening my life, but expanding it. I feel like I've leveling up in a video game.

I've learned how to integrate the complete power of the extremes of duality and the parts of myself I've explored will never look the same.

It feels like I have access to powerful allies to help me navigate through life now.

Through this program I have come to understand that we all have amazing power inside waiting to be released from our limiting belief systems.”

Pablo Ochoa, Mechanical Engineer
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