The Wisdom Of Feeling
Written by Deus Fortier on May. 18th 2019
Being able to sense into a larger field of awareness beyond just the intellect is essential when entering into enlightened relationship.
If we are confined only to our theoretical interpretation of circumstance, we limit ourselves to cognitive inference from past experience rather than inviting in comprehensive insight born from present-moment living.

Only when our hearts and minds are working in conjunction with one another in this fashion can we begin to grasp the complexities of others and of life as a whole in a reliable, meaningful way.


To open ourselves to new potentialities requires us to dispel our preconceived notions of what has historically been true, and invite a genuine sense of wonder and curiosity.

The paradox is that in order to be stable and consistent our being must be rooted in and integrated with the embodied expression of our value system, so that we may have a reliable reference point when interacting with others.

It takes practice and discipline in order to cultivate a fluid identity that is both stabilized in a deep sense of embodied knowing while also remaining open to the collaborative quality of emergence inherent in any interaction.


When we lead by example; opening up the chambers of our vulnerability to others, we activate a deep sense of trust and respect by creating a stable, safe, supportive container.

However, if our fears and wounds are dominant in our consciousness then our effort to connect by expressing vulnerabilities are subverted by our tendency towards neediness, acceptance, approval, and external support.

Dependency on external circumstances or certain emotional responses as a means of validating our sense of value, stability, or clarity will cripple our effectiveness when dealing with others.
By processing our emotional triggers and traumas we liberate others from the task of navigating our internal biases as a preliminary condition for showing up as their authentic selves, elevating everyone in a radical way.


Feeling wisdom then, has vast implications for amplifying effectiveness in personal, professional, and intimate relationships, expanding our willingness and capacity to navigate potential conflict or disagreement, while also deepening genuine moments of intimacy and connection.

This integrated way of being is not normally taught in schools or societal institutions that are usually predicated upon a power-driven hierarchy of intellectual superiority.

It is therefore our task as leaders to be the rare, living example of this kind of balanced wisdom so that others are lifted up beyond the constraints of societal conditioning and into the life they have always dreamed of living.

Deus Fortier

Deus Fortier helps men unleash their masculine power and emotional depth. He is an expert at activating latent human potential through online, group, and 1on1 coaching.
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