Written by Deus Fortier on May. 24th 2019
Men have been taught how to behave.
Generations of social conditioning have diluted most men’s capacity to feel & express emotions that are socially defined as “weak”, while venerating those feelings & expressions that are defined as “strong”...
Written by Deus Fortier on May. 6th 2019
Being able to sense into a larger field of awareness beyond just intellectual understanding is essential when entering into relationship.
If we are confined only to our theoretical interpretation of circumstance, we limit ourselves to past experience rather than inviting in the systematic insight that is born from present-moment living.
Only when our hearts and minds are working in conjunction with one another can we begin to grasp the complexities of life in a workable framework.
Written by Deus Fortier on May. 6th 2019
The setting of a boundary is perhaps one of the most vulnerable acts.
When declaring a boundary you are revealing how behaviors and actions affect you, the values you hold, and what you are and aren't willing to tolerate in relation to others and the world.
It is incredibly revealing.
When aligning with ones values by asserting boundaries in this way, there is a natural uneasiness that progresses through various stages of evolution.
Written by Deus Fortier on Nov. 14th 2018
This “field” can not only be clearly sensed once you begin to bring awareness to its existence, but it can be significantly strengthened, weakened, maintained, and even curated through the power of intentionality, presence, and care-full cultivation of a harmonious physical, mental, and emotional environment. 
Written by Deus Fortier on Nov. 14th 2018
The most immediate and observable example of our power to influence others in a positive way with our stable space-holding presence is in our intimate partnerships, because sexual relationships are by far the most visceral representation of the space-holding capacity we are capable of offering; and it will be tested and reflected back to us with an unparalleled speed and intensity. 
Written by Deus on Mar. 20 2019
Until deep trauma work has taken place, reality is heavily filtered through layers of unconscious survival mechanisms which distort perception, sensation, and interpretation of a person and / or situation.
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