About Deus Fortier
Deus Fortier is an entrepreneur, peak human potential coach, and transformative artist living in Vancouver, BC who left his job, relationships, and possessions by the age of 20 to dedicate himself to the study and practice of ancient wisdom teachings of enlightenment.

For over a decade, Deus immersed himself in breakthrough transformative processes, ancient spiritual practices, and immersive programs designed to integrate the subtle realms of consciousness with the practical aspects of daily life; primarily relational & emotional health, and creative freedom.

Deus has devoted himself to his work as a human potential coach, specializing in helping men re-sensitize their emotional landscapes and catalyze them into fulfilling relationships through the wildly effective psychospiritual methods of transformation that he has accumulated in his lifetime of study and practice.

He has personally overcome sexual trauma, emotional abuse, social anxiety, loneliness and depression through these comprehensive inner technologies and is an expert at guiding others through their unique obstacles so they can live an outrageously satisfying life.

Deus's clients have released decade-old traumas, healed chronic physical conditions, overcome pharmaceutical dependencies, come into surges of financial abundance, created healthy intimate relationships, and up-leveled virtually every area of their lives.

His passion is guiding people to these kinds of breakthrough results in their lives as quickly as possible.
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